Pick An Best Share For Trade

Investing in stock market is not a gambling, but if you treat stock market as a gambling place then you may lose your all time earning, your hopes, and your future too in it. So please do proper planing before investing in equity / share market. You can select your share to invest on two basic :-

1. Fundamental Analysis : – Deep study and analysis of the prospective company whose share you want to buy. The industry it operates in and the overall market scenario. Study can be done by reading and assessing the company’s annual reports., research reports published by equity research houses, research analysis published my media, discussion with company’s management or the experienced investors.

2. Technical Analysis : – Studying price movement of a stock over in extended period of time in the past to judge trend of the future movement of stock price. Study can be also done by using a software program which can generates stock price charts indicating upward, downward and sideways movement of stock price over the stipulated time period.