Passport Status Explained

Wait few days After submission of passport application, and then try to check your passport status online. Status of passport changes several time during the process of making passport to show the progress of passport application status. Some types of passport status are given below-

1. Wrong File Number: “File Reference Number DHL-U0987654-13)is either wrong or Information Not available. You will see this message when you entered an invalid file number for checking your passport status.

2. Blank Status: “Status :          “. Applicant’s name, application date and date of birth of the applicant is showing on the screen but there is no data related to status of passport. It is quite confusing and frustrating for the peoples in this case. There is no need to get panic about it, simply wait for few weeks and try to check your passport status again.

3. Police Report is Pending: “Status : Police Report Has Not Been  Received“. Usually it the first message of passport status after successful submission of passport application forms. Meaning of this passport status message is, passport office is waiting for police verification report from police station. After successful police verification, passport office hardly take 4-6 weeks for the issuance of the passport. If you continue to see the same passport status message or if it takes longer time in this case it is advisable to visit the passport office to find out the actual problem.

4. Proof of Stay Required: “Status : Please Furnish The Proof Of Stay At Given Residence Address For The Last One Year Such As Photo Copy Of Ration Card Or MRO Certificate With Exact Period Of Stay Or Copy Of Voters Identity Card Or Bank Passbook Copy With One Year Running Account Duly Attested By Gazetted Officer with His Name Seal“. If you see a similar passport status message, it means some documents are missing. Submit required documents as soon as possible for quick issuance of passport. Missing or improper documents is a very common reason in delay of passport issuance.

5. Transferred To Policy Section: “Status : Application Has Been Transferred To Policy Section, Please See Th PRO“. Because of policy conflict or violation, your passport application may be transferred to the policy section of the passport office. You need to visit passport office and meet public relation officer(PRO) to find out the problem and its possible solutions.

6. Marriage Proof Required: “Status : Please Furnish Attested Copy Of Marriage Certificate Issued By Competent Authority, Or Sworn Affidavit In Support Of Your Marriage With Copy Of Joint Photo“. You need to submit proof of marriage in the form of marriage certificate or sworn affidavit along with a joint photo of husband and wife, if you want your spouse name included in your passport or change or correction of name of spouse is needed.

7. Police Report Clear: “Status : Police Report Is Clear And The Passport Is Expected To Be Dispatched By 05-04-2013. Subject To All Documents Being In Order“. This passport status message indicates that the police report received by the passport office shows everything good and there is no negative remarks.

8. Passport Granted: “Status : Passport Has Been Granted And Is Expected To Be Dispatched By 05-05-2013. Subject To All Documents Being In Order“. Your passport application has reached a significant milestone. Wait until you receive your passport by post.

9. Passport Dispatch Delayed: “Status : It Is To Regret That Due To unavoidable circumstances The Dispatch Of Passport Has Been Delayed And Will Now Be Dispatched In A Week’s Time”. Huge number of pending applications can be the reason of delay of passport.

10. Passport Dispatched via Post: “Status : Passport Has Been Despatched By Post On 10-05-2013 Vide Postal Registration Number A56248“. Great! Your passport has been sent to you by post.

11. Passport Handed over to Applicant: Status : Passport Has Been Handed Over To Applicant On 20-05-2013“. Visit Passport Office to collect your passport with proof of identity and receipt in case of urgency.