Pan Card Status

Pan Card Status – Find Indian Pan Status

Pan Card Status or Pan Status tracking plays a vital role in case you want to know your Pan Card Details. Pan Card is a Permanent Account Number allotted by the IT Department of Government of India. Pan card is belongs to the person it was issued to and can be used as your Identity Proof. It is not changeable and transferable. IT department uses pan card details in order to track all the financial activities of citizens through their Pan Card Status. you may need to check your newly applied pan status in the following circumstance –

1. If the card is not delivered to them in the stipulated time.
2. If it has not reached them, in spite of the permanent account number being allotted.
3. If it has been sent back undelivered.
4. If there is a mismatch in names.
5. If the photograph is mismatched.
6. If the father’s name differs.
7. Or other specific complaints that the assessese might have.

Importance of Pan Card Status or Pan Status

Information provided in the Pan Card Details must be accurate and precise and it makes pan status checking vital for assessee. Any wrong information intentionally or by accidentally provided by assessee can create legal hassels and hamper all other related proceedings. So it is better to check status of pan card before provide it to income tax department of India.

Mainly, Pan card is a universal identification number issued by Income Tax Department of India. IT Department tracks all the financial transactions and assets of a person through pan card status. It is the sole reason why you need to mention your pan card details in all documents related to financial transactions, loans, buying or selling real estate, taxation, investments and other businesses of the taxpayer.

Pan Card Status – Pan Status of New Pan

Checking status of pan card online through internet connection is a extremely easy way in order to gather your newly applied pan card details. For tracking your pan card status, you need to provide some basing information such as your first name, last name, middle name (if any), application number together with your birth date. If you are facing any trouble in tracking status of pan card, in this case you are free to dial pan card enquiry number. You can also try to track pan card status by name and dob. You can visit NSDL official website or UTIISL website to find your pan status or pan card status in order to get accurate pan card details.