IIC Delhi Contact Number And Address Details

IIC Delhi Contact Number And Address Details. The India International centre was designed by an American architect Joseph Allen Stein who practiced in New Delhi from 1955 to 1995, it was founded in 1960 and inaugurated in 1962. India International centre (IIC) is considered as one of the premier cultural institutions of the country. This non-government institution is for exchange of new ideas and knowledge in the spirit of international cooperation by statesmen, diplomats, policy makers, intellectuals, scientists, jurists, writers, artists and members of civil societys. In short it is the place where initiating dialogues is possible in an atmosphere of amity and understanding. This purpose is also stated in its charter, was ” to promote understanding and amity between the different communities of the world.

IIC Delhi Contact Number and Address Details

India International Centre 40, Max Mueller Marg,
New Delhi – 110003
Contact Number:  011 – 24619431

IIC centre Delhi’s hostel rooms are always in demand because of its comfortable and personalized services with modestly priced meals, it is also very famous for its gracious hospitality. Main complex of the centre is divided into three wings, north, south and west, each one of them are designed to serve a separate work. cultural programmes are held in the south wing and open for the interested public, Centre provides residential facilities to members and guests in north wing and the lounge, private dining hall, dining hall and terrace are located in the west side. Library of the centre was established in 1962 with about 3700 volumes on social science, history, biography, literature and the arts. It have collection about 700 rare books which is called the ‘ Bilgrami Collection‘. Library have two special collection ‘Indian collection‘ owned by the British Council and ‘Himalayan Club Library‘ owned by the Mimalayan Club.