How To Start Trading In Share Market

If you don’t know How To Start Trading In Stock-Share Market and want to start your online trading business in share market in this case follow the instruction given bellow –

Requirement For Start Trading In Share-Stock Market

I. Computer With Internet Access
II. Demat Account
III. Bank Account

IV. Trading Account

1. Pick An Online Broker. There are dozens of online brokers on the web, but finding one that fits your needs can be a challenge. Do your research, find which broker fits your specifics needs as well as possible, and then open your account.

2. Complete The Registration Process. You will be required to give all of the relevant information, such as your name, Pan Card number, Address Prof, Bank Statement of 6 Month, 2 Photograph, Identity Prof and other information if any the brokerage ask you for.

3. Fund Your Trading Account. You can send in a handwritten check, or transfer the money through a wire transfer (with a fee).

4. Mail in the required paperwork (and funds) to the address provided by your online broker. It may take up to 7 days to process your account.

5. Complete the remaining registration process. Trading passwords, PIN numbers, and other security measures may be involved but takes only minutes to complete. Never share these with anyone, but it is wise to write them down at your home or office just in case you forget them.

6. Acquaint yourself with the menus and trading screens your broker has created for you. Take their online tutorial or watch any “beginning investor” videos they site may have prepared to expedite your learning curve.

7. Buy your first stock. Choose the company you want to invest in, input the stock symbol it trades under, input the amount of shares you want to buy, and click “Execute”.