Dividend Paying Stocks

Dividend paying quality stocks can be key of success in stock market for you. The reason behind why you need to find top high dividend paying stocks in share market is some stocks in stock market or share market paying more than 10% dividend to it’s share holder it mean you can beat market volatility by staying just flat.

Advantages Of Holding Dividend Paying Stocks

Stock market follows up and down cycle, at the times of down cycle stock market is looking too scary but dividend paying stock gives confidence to it’s investor. Main advantages of dividend paying stock are …

1.Less Risky Than Other Stocks :-  As long as any company offer dividend are not in dangerous join and less risky than other stock. Dividend paying stocks are giving cash to you for just holding stock. You have double profit by holding dividend paying stocks, You will earn money in long term by dividend and by capital appreciation.

2. Low Volatility :- In long term time horizon high dividend paying stocks are produce strong return with considerable less risk than less dividend paying stock.

3. Downside protection :- Dividend paying stocks are out performer than non-dividend paying stocks in Bull Market and Under performer in Bear Market.

Quality Of Good Stock

1. Consistent track record (financial and dividend paying),
2. Company’s strengths in its business and its market position
3. Positive cash-flows
4. Management quality
5. Sound business model and
6. Ability to sustain growth rates