How to Connect a BSNL Wireless

It is immensely easy to connect to a windows base computer system with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL wireless modem. You can access wireless internet within the range of approximately 50 meters after properly connected and configured modem. You computer required WLAN or wireless local area network capability for this purpose. Follow the instructions given below in order to connect a bsnl wireless –

1. First of all switch off your computer and then connect the BSNL telephone line coming in from the telephone exchange to the “Line” socket of the splitter.

2. Connect the RJ-11 jack from the “ADSL” socket of the splitter to the “ADSL” socket of the modem.

3. Connect your telephone instrument via RJ-11 jack to the “Phone” socket of the splitter. This step is optional.

4. Switch on your computer and open your Internet browser.

5. Type “” in the address bar of your Internet browser and then press “Enter”.

6. Type “admin” in the Username box of the dialog box that opens, type “admin” in the Password box and then press “Enter”.

7. Click the “Interface Setup” button on the web page the opens.

8. Type the username as provided by BSNL in the Username box, and password in the Password box.

9. Type “1492” in the TCP MTU box and then click “SAVE”.

10. Click the “Wireless” button.

11. Type an ID in the “SSID” box. This ID can be anything you choose.

12. Click to select “WPA-PSK” from the Authentication Type drop down box.

13. Type a password in the “Pre-shared Key” box and then click “Save”.

14. Click “Advanced Setup” at top of the web page.

15. Click “ADSL,” select “Auto Sync-Up” from the ADSL Mode drop down box and then click “Save”.

16. Click “Maintenance” at top of the web page and then click “SysRestart”.

17. Click the “RESTART” button.

18. Click the “OK” button when you see the “Please wait for reboot complete!” message.

19. Click the “OK” button when you see the “Reboot Complete!” message.